Monday, May 27, 2019

Harlan Ellison Reads "The City of the Singing Flame"

In honor of what would have been Harlan Ellison's 85th birthday, check out this 1986 recording of Harlan reading one of his favorite short stories, Clark Ashton Smith's "The City of the Singing Flame." Harlan read the story in several parts over the course of three episodes of Mike Hodel's Hour 25, a radio show dedicated to the science fiction genre that aired on KPFK in Los Angeles every Friday night from 1972 to 2000. The source of this recording is Will Hart, who briefly discusses both Clark Ashton Smith and Harlan Ellison on his CthulhuWho1's blog.

You can listen to Harlan reading "The City of the Singing Flame" by clicking right HERE.

You can also hear Harlan ruminating about Smith's tremendous influence on his writing in Darin Coelho Spring's excellent 2018 documentary CLARK ASHTON SMITH: THE EMPEROR OF DREAMS, the trailer for which can be seen directly below....

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