Saturday, May 18, 2019

Karen Yossman's "Writers Blocked: Even Fantasy Fiction Is Now Offensive"

What follow are the concluding paragraphs of Karen Yossman's 5-18-19 Spectator article entitled "Writers Blocked: Even Fantasy Fiction Is Now Offensive":

"Once you start seeing goblins in fairyland, there’s no end to it. Even the most enlightened author can cause offence. It is only a matter of time before it begins to eat away at every genre until, as [Lionel] Shriver predicted, ‘All that’s left is memoir’.

"Already poets might understandably feel anxious: last summer The Nation, one of America’s most venerable literary magazines, published a 14-line poem about homelessness, which was swiftly accused of co-opting a ‘black vernacular’ and criticised for its use of the word ‘crippled’. Instead of defending the verses it had previously deemed worthy of publication, the magazine immediately issued an apology so spineless one of its own columnists said it resembled ‘a letter from [a] re-education camp’.

"But it’s not just writers who ought to be worried. The logical apogee of a prohibition on cultural intercourse is a future in which each person is allowed to document only his or her precise subjective experience. A future, in other words, where fiction is history. And that sounds like a very dreary prospect for us all."

To read Yossman's entire article, click HERE.

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