Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Jon Rappoport on Censorship

Here's a timely excerpt from Jon Rappoport's 5-15-19 article entitled "Censorship and the Decline of Civilization":

There are now large numbers of people who think they're making a political advance, even a breakthrough, by demanding the censorship of those individuals they don't like, when in fact, they're moving backwards into a more primitive political climate.

There is another vital factor which permits people to register no objection to censorship.  The factor is: vast frustration with their own lives.  This is usually concealed, as if it were a secret not to be shared.  The frustration, at the core, has to do with a perceived lack of freedom.

In which case, the actions of life take on a mechanical character, which becomes the heavy cover, the lid over the flame of frustration---and in that state of being, a person actually wants others who speak out and go against the grain to be silenced and censored.

Stop him!  Keep him from speaking and writing!

Yes, keep the free individual from reminding the mechanical liver of life that he is not free.

The Mechanical Person wants to bury all signals that carry a flavor of originality.  He wants the constant hum that tells him routine and repetition are firmly in place as the guidance system of existence.

In the frozen rigid river of anti-life...rebels are just machines that need to be turned off.  Censorship is a tool for that purpose.

That's what censorship really is.

An attempt to hide that disturbing thing called Life.

If you're interested in reading Rappoport's daily reports (which never fail to be anything less than illuminating), I highly recommend visiting his home page and signing up for his email list posthaste.

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