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Conservatives, Rent Boys, and Satanic Sex

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In a story reminiscent of THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP:  CHILD ABUSE, SATANISM, AND MURDER IN NEBRASKA, the infamous nonfiction book written in the early 1990s by state Senator John W. DeCamp, the New York Post is reporting on decades of Satanic sexual abuse committed against both adults and children (including an eleven-year-old "rent boy," i.e., a prostitute) by the late UK prime minister Sir Edward Richard George Heath while he was the leader of the Conservatives in England.  In THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP, Senator DeCamp documented similar cases of sexual abuse committed by high-ranking U.S. Conservatives, including--allegedly--residents of the White House.  

What follow are excerpts from Sarah Moore's 10-5-17 New York Post article entitled "Late UK Prime Minister Would Have Faced Child Sex Abuse Questioning":  

"Former UK prime minister Sir Edward Heath would have been quizzed by police over child sex allegations including the rape of an 11-year-old 'rent boy,' an investigation revealed Thursday.
"Wiltshire Police said the former MP – who allegedly took part in Satanic sex – would have been questioned under caution over five alleged attacks on children and two on adults.
"The disturbing allegations – described as 'chance' or 'paid for sexual encounters' – span the 60s, 70s and 90s and took place in London, Kent, Sussex, Guernsey and Jersey.
"Two of the alleged assaults took place in Wiltshire – where Heath had a mansion – including a 'chance' attack on a 12, 13 or 14-year-old boy in private gardens.
"In the most disturbing allegation, Heath allegedly raped an 11-year-old boy he paid to abuse in a home in London in 1961, while he was a cabinet member.
"Some of the alleged assaults took place in public places or buildings – and one alleged attack on a boy took place in the company of another man. Another alleged attack on a 15-year-old boy in a public building in Guernsey took place while he was the leader of the Conservatives.
"During the course of the investigation, six victims told police Heath was involved in Satanic or ritual abuse.
"Investigators defined it as 'offenses committed using symbols, ceremonies or group activities that appeared to have a religious or supernatural meaning' – but said they found no evidence.
"The seven total alleged attacks were reported to police between April 2015 and June 2016 – and were among 42 allegations of sex assaults made to police.
"The findings were revealed Thursday by Wiltshire Police following a controversial two-year $1.9 million investigation.
"They will now be passed to the Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse.
"Chief constable Veale said: 'I’m satisfied there were compelling and obvious reasons in investigating the allegations.'
"'Sir Edward Heath was a prominent figure and high profile person; he was one of the most powerful people in the world. The allegations against him were of the utmost seriousness and from a significant number of people.'"
To read Ward's entire article, click HERE
Those of you interested in John W. DeCamp's THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP might also want to check out the 2014 documentary WHO TOOK JOHNNY, an investigation into the 1982 abduction of twelve-year-old Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, the first missing child to appear on a milk carton.  John W. DeCamp, who passed away on July 27th of this year, appears prominently in the documentary (which is available to be seen on Netflix). 

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