Monday, October 2, 2017

More on the Death of Jeffrey Lash

What follow are excerpts from Scott Johnson's 9-14-17 Hollywood Reporter article entitled "A Decomposing Body, 10 Duped Girlfriends and the Saga of the 'Alien' Con Man in Hollywood's Backyard":

"Jeffrey Lash was a spy, a post-9/11 covert operative who seduced women in L.A.'s tony Pacific Palisades with tales of, yes, supernatural powers. But when police found him dead in his car with a $5 million gun stash near the homes of showbiz elite, a stranger-than-fiction tale emerged of abuse, lies, a mystery illness and a grifter with 'more charisma than 10 Trumps' [...].  


"Those first news dispatches in the summer of 2015 ricocheted across Southern California. In Santa Monica, Michelle Lyons, now 66, watched, and listened, and felt sick. The arms cache discovery had made global headlines, but no one knew about her yet, even though she and Lash had been lovers since the mid-1980s. Every day for three decades, Lyons had attended to Lash, and she thought she knew him. But in those first days, with news reports coming fast and furious, Lyons began to realize she knew very little. Her boyfriend, who had said his name was Jeff Henderson, obviously wasn't who he had claimed to be. She wasn't even his only girlfriend — not by a mile. She felt adrift, mourning a dead stranger [...].


"Lash revealed little about his past and showed no inclination to include [Lyons] in it. He grew tense if she inquired about his family. He said it would be safer to keep her separate from all that, in the event of some calamity. On the few occasions when she persisted, he got angry, yelling and banging his fists. There were times, Lyons said, when Lash could be 'a scary person.' Faced with this opposition, she relented. People had a right to their privacy, and Lash, it turned out, had better reason than most: He told her he was a former government agent with a top-secret security clearance. He said he performed counter-terrorism operations, hostage rescues, anti-harassment missions and, on occasion, he rescued people from cults. He was on a mission to save the world, he said. His company employed a team of highly skilled, dangerous operatives who were intensely loyal to him. Whatever skepticism Lyons harbored about this, she found ways to justify it. Lash owned lots of guns and seemed to know his way around them. He brought dozens of high-powered rifles and the gear that went with them into the condo they shared. He told Lyons that his company owned an entire building in Beverly Hills. His staff worked 24 hours a day. He didn't divulge much else about his work, but there was plenty of training and the occasional mission. Still, Lash went to work every morning, like everybody else, and came home at night [...].  

"Lash, meanwhile, was getting increasingly ill. He had trouble walking, eating and even talking. One day in 2015, Nebron hired an assistant, a young woman from Oxnard named Dawn VadBunker. Nebron owned several properties around L.A. and told VadBunker she needed help managing the paperwork. For a long time, Nebron declined to meet VadBunker in person, so her new hire worked remotely. Then one day, Nebron brought VadBunker in on a little secret. She wanted her to meet the man she loved, Jeffrey Lash. After a few meetings, VadBunker returned to Oxnard and told her adoptive mother, Laura VadBunker, that she had given up smoking and started eating raw meat. 'Raw bison. Water. Weird juices that taste like hell,' recalls Laura. (VadBunker had, for a time, been married to Laura's biological son, and Laura had legally adopted her.)

"Lash was helping her turn into an alien, Dawn explained. 'Dawn mentioned he was turning her into a hybrid,' says Laura. 'She could tell her head was getting larger. She said, "You know that [my ex-husband] wouldn't be able to see me if he drove by because I would be invisible."'  Laura pressed Dawn for answers but got none. 'What was the threat?' asks Laura. 'I think it had to do with [...] government on another planet. They didn't exactly explain it to me, but he was helping the government on top-secret operations on the computer all night and traveling to different solar systems and planets through the computer and chips. Bizarre [...].

"Laura VadBunker doesn't believe Lash's alien-spy hype. But one thing has always bothered her. 'To tell you the truth, no matter where we traveled, there was always a blacked-out helicopter hovering overhead; that's one thing I can't explain,' she says. 'All the way to Santa Monica, all the way home. I said, "Guys, what's with the helicopter?" They said nothing. I said, "No, really." That bothered me. I mean, what are the odds? No matter where I traveled with Dawn would be that damn black helicopter. I cannot explain that away.'"
To read Johnson's entire article, click HERE.

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