Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dave Emory on the History of Cointelpro

In light of recent events, perhaps it would be illuminating to hop into our time machine and revisit an evening thirty years in the past when political researcher Dave Emory hosted the following six-part episode of his information-packed radio show entitled Radio Free America (now called For the Record), which was broadcast over the airwaves of KFJC in Los Altos Hills, California on the night of August 28, 1986:

Part One:  "Agents Provocateur, Cointelpro, and the Smashing of 'Left Wing' Movements":

Part Two:  "More Agents Provocateur, Watergate, and the Plan to Disrupt the 1972 Elections":

Part Three:  "The SLA:  Agents Provocateur and State Sponsored Terrorists in Action":

Part Four:  "SLA Part 2:  Riots and Revolution Coming Straight Out of Correction Facilities":

Part Five:  "SLA Part 3:  Revolution and Terrorism Made in the USA":  

Part Six:  "Operation Garden Plot to Rule America": 

To learn more about Dave Emory's radio broadcasts, visit his website,

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