Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gangstalking in Baton Rouge

The following information comes from Jon Swaine's 7-18-16 Guardian article entitled "Baton Rouge Suspect Gavin Long Was Marine with Alias Cosmo Setepenra":

"Gavin Long, the man identified on Sunday as the deadly shooter of police officers in Baton Rouge, left behind an online trail to web pages featuring complaints about the treatment of African Americans by police [...].

Long was shot dead by responding officers on Sunday, his 29th birthday, after allegedly shooting three officers dead and wounding three others, one critically.

His history of rambling postings indicated that the attack was motivated at least in part by killings by police of black Americans in recent years and the resulting unrest. In one recent clip, he expressed disgust over the arrest of protesters demonstrating in Baton Rouge over the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling earlier this month.

But they also pointed to apparent paranoia and mental instability. Long complained last year to likeminded message board users that he was a long-term victim of 'gang-stalking', a supposedly intense form of government and corporate surveillance covering every aspect of a subject’s life.

Claiming to be a round-the-clock 'TI' – targeted individual – Long urged others in his situation to wear body cameras to monitor such surveillance and to warn companies involved in harassment 'that we are going to expose your involvement and rate your poor performances & games on the internet'."

If you would like to read Swaine's article in its entirety, simply click HERE.

Thanks to Jon Rappoport for the tip!

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