Sunday, July 3, 2016

Philip K. Dick & Gnosticism

From Miguel Conner's 6-27-16 blog post "Philip K. Dick's Own Definition of Gnosticism":

"It’s no secret knowledge that one of this site’s inspirations in all its heresy is Philip K. Dick. More than a decade ago, while plowing through my first copy of the Nag Hammadi library, I was affected but puzzled by the contraband message of the ancient Gnostics.
"Then I read Valis. Then I saw through a glass darkly no more when it came to the Gnostic beliefs.
"Sure, it’s also no secret knowledge that Dick employed (and weaponized) Gnostic themes in many of his works beyond Valis—that he was aware of Gnosticism long before the first edition of the Nag Hammadi library was published in 1978. In fact, Dick provided his own “listicle” on the what defines Gnosticism...."
To read Conner's entire post, click HERE.

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