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The Propaganda Machine Strikes Out Against Targeted Individuals

In the wake of a tsunami of "lone nut" shootings that have flooded the United States in recent months, mainstream news sources are at last publishing extensive articles that dare to mention the formerly taboo word known as "gangstalking."  As could be expected, the "journalists" responsible for these articles distort the facts for the purpose of portraying innocent victims of organized government harassment as paranoid schizophrenics.  The first of these propagandistic hit pieces was Mike McPhate's 6-10-16 New York Times article entitled "United States of Paranoia:  They See Gangs of Stalkers."  This hack job, which could easily have been churned out by a third rate word processor with no help from a human being, contains such wonderfully inane reportage as:  

"Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, who is co-author of perhaps the only study of gang-stalking, said the community poses a danger that sets it apart from other groups promoting troubling ideas, such as anorexia or suicide. On those topics, the internet abounds with medical information and treatment options. An internet search for 'gang-stalking,' however, turns up page after page of results that regard it as fact. 'What’s scary for me is that there are no counter sites that try and convince targeted individuals that they are delusional,' Dr. Sheridan said."

Ah, yes, the New York Times has revealed the astonishing truth:  The most serious problem that has emerged as a result of the unconstitutional gangstalking program is that not enough victims of organized government harassment are being assured by competent mental health professionals that they're hopelessly delusional.  If only psychiatrists dictated the content of the internet, a new day would soon dawn in America....   

The unsettling fact is that most targets of gangstalking would be relieved to discover they're suffering from clinical paranoia.  After all, such a condition can be medicated with relative ease.  Alas, there is no medication in existence that can roll back the litany of unconstitutional laws that have been passed by Congress in the wake of 9/11, laying the foundation for the blatantly fascist surveillance state now entrenched in an Empire of Fear once known as The United States of America, a dystopic Banana Republic that no longer bears any official name whatsoever.  Its cowering inhabitants hardly bother to call it anything at all anymore.  The Few Who Are Aware label it by its behavior:  "Cryptocracy," a government ruled by secrecy. 

It's revealing to note that McPhate, the ostensible author of this piece, was given my name and contact information by one of the Targeted Individuals he interviewed for his article.  He assured this woman he wished to talk to me before he published the piece.  He never even bothered to do so.  Why?  Because the story I lay out in the pages of my book Chameleo does not fit the pattern he had already established in his inflexible mind.  Instead of investigating the gangstalking phenomenon, McPhate had a conclusion already in place.  He twisted the facts to fit that preordained conclusion.  To include the Chameleo story in his article would have meant opening a frightening can of worms he simply did not have the intestinal fortitude to deal with.  This would have meant contacting Richard Schowengerdt, a legitimate scientist with a track record that can be easily established.  This would have meant contacting Dion Fuller, the main subject of the illegal stalking chronicled in Chameleo.  This would have meant contacting Special Agent Lita Johnson, the NCIS officer responsible for kickstarting Dion's harassment in the first place.  More disturbingly, it would have meant telling the truth.  Oh, no, we mustn't have that.  No, no, no.  Too many leads, too many facts, too many disturbing realities.... 

In short, Mike McPhate would have had to do his job, something in which he clearly he has no interest.
Only one day ago, an eerily similar article appeared on, an offshoot of Vice Magazine.  In its 7-22-16 article, entitled "The Nightmarish Online World of 'Gang-Stalking,'" Roison Kiberd (an organic robotoid apparently programmed to masquerade as a journalist in its spare time) lays out a carbon copy series of distorted facts that appear to have been manufactured by the very same propaganda machine that churned out the "United States of Paranoia" piece as well as a more recent New York Times article (published on 7-19-16) entitled "The Baton Rouge Gunman and 'Targeted Individuals'"

Telltale similarities abound.  First, read this paragraph from the Kiberd article:

"Long is thought to be the third mass shooter to consider himself a 'targeted individual', alongside Myron May, who killed three people at Florida State University in 2014, and Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 at the Washington Navy Yard in 2013 and who, like Long, had contacted anti-stalking association PACTS International (People Against Covert Torture and Surveillance)." 

Now read this paragraph from the New York Times article:

"Mr. Long’s attack represented at least the third recent mass shooting to be associated with people who believed they were being targeted by a government conspiracy. Myron May, who in 2014 shot three people at Florida State University, left behind videos in which he meticulously described his experience of being gang-stalked. And many members of the movement believe that Aaron Alexis, who killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard in 2013, also identified as a targeted individual."

It's as if both articles were typed out by the same substandard Artificial Intelligence Program.  A sidenote:  In the spring of 2015 a journalist for Vice Magazine contacted me after he had read Chameleo.  He was clearly excited about the book and interviewed me for at least two hours.  He wrote an excellent article about the book and the phenomena of gangstalking in general.  His editor summarily spiked the piece with the following explanation:  "If we publish this article, it might damage our brand."

It might damage our brand.  Yes, you heard that right.  Apparently, the endless interviews with heroin warlords and desperate prostitutes that Vice regularly features will not hurt their brand, but speaking out against rampant human rights violations will hurt their brand.  So instead of "damaging their brand," Vice hired an Artificial Intelligence Program known as Roison Kiberd to hoodwink its readers into believing that victims of government harassment are nothing more than paranoid schizophrenics.  Way to go, Vice.  That's one way to maintain your position on the cutting edge....

What follow are relevant excerpts from the aforementioned New York Times article, "The Baton Rouge Gunman and 'Targeted Individuals'":

"Many labels for Gavin Long have emerged from the rich digital footprint that he left behind — former Marine, antigovernment radical, alpha male, life coach. But one has stood out for its peculiarity, that of 'targeted individual.'

"Louisiana investigators have yet to describe a motive for Mr. Long’s carefully planned ambush that left three law enforcement officers dead and three others injured on Sunday in Baton Rouge, La.
But Mr. Long, who was killed in the shootout, said in online posts and videos that he was a victim of a vast government conspiracy that watches and harasses everyday Americans.

"Numbering in the thousands, the self-described targeted individuals, or T.I.s, say that they are being tortured with mind-control weapons and put under surveillance by armies of covert agents known as gang stalkers [...].

"According to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist propaganda, Mr. Long appeared to have latched on to much of the targeted individual belief system, with a fixation on law enforcement officials as his persecutors.

"Mr. Long, who also went by the name Cosmo Setepenra online, said in a recent post that he had been watched day and night as a targeted individual for the past 11 years.

"In a blog he maintained, he shared an article that asserted that gang-stalking would better be described as 'police-gang-stalking' because '99% of all gang-stalking' is perpetrated by the police, SITE said in a report released on Monday.

"In one of his recent podcasts, he talked about being closely monitored by Marine Corps superiors who singled him out [...].

"'Once they knew that I was a man and I would stand on my rights, that nothing they could do could scare me, that’s when they knew, they really, really had to keep a close eye on me,' he said."
Chameleo readers will be intrigued to know that, according to the aforementioned article entitled "Online Trail Illuminates Baton Rouge Gunman's Path to Violence," Mr. Long’s military records indicate he "served from 2005 to 2010, including a six-month deployment in Iraq. He was a sergeant and a data network specialist who earned several awards, including one for good conduct. He was also assigned to Okinawa, Japan, and several locations in Southern California. He attended Central Texas College at its Marine Corps Air Station Miramar site in San Diego [emphasis mine] and via distance education, earning an associate of arts degree."  The San Diego connection, as any Chameleo maven will immediately recognize, is of extreme importance in this case (and many others as well).

Based on all these facts, coincidences, and telltale synchronicities, a rational conclusion would be that a conspiracy is afoot.  But no...  the more logical conclusion, according to the trained simians at The New York Times and Vice, is that thousands of different human beings, who otherwise seem sane, all developed the precise same paranoid delusions at the precise same time.  This is tantamount to claiming that the Spanish Inquisition was a shared hallucination that spontaneously bloomed in the diseased minds of thousands of Jews, Protestants, Freemasons, homosexuals, and pagans.  As these transgressive individuals were being burned at the stake en masse, the 1490 version of Dr. Lorraine Sheridan would have been standing there on the sidelines with a pen and a clipboard in her hands, assuring all the poor souls they were merely suffering realistic hallucinations.  ("It's so good to have you on Our Side, Doc!" shouts one of the captives, her words soon drowned out by the sounds of flames consuming her naked flesh....) 

If you have any interest at all in learning what the phenomenon of gangstalking is really all about, I suggest listening to my latest interview on Brandon Holmes' excellent podcast called The Straight Line (which broadcasts out of a shipping container in Brooklyn).  This turned out to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had during any interview so far.  Posted yesterday, this interview covers the possible connections among the gang stalking phenomenon and recent mass shootings in San Bernardino, Orlando, and Dallas.  (Note:  The interview predates the Baton Rouge shootings by one week).  To listen to the entirety of The Straight Line interview, click HERE

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