Saturday, August 19, 2017

Book Burning at the Beach

From Sarah K. Burris' 8-16-17 Raw Story article entitled "Alt-right Cancels California Book Burning of ‘Degenerate Literature’ After Organizer Says He Fears Liberals":

"Juan Cadavid organized a book-burning event with Brian Enright of the Three Percenters to be held at Huntington State Beach in California. The event was dubbed 'Burning Degeneracy – CA,' but they have recently decided to cancel the event out of fear.

"According to The OC Weekly, the group advertised the Aug. 19 event by telling people that it was time to 'purge their homes, State, and country of degenerate literature.'
"'This includes literature of Marxism, Communism, Bolshevism, literature with liberal, democratic tendencies/attitudes, and writings supporting the decline of Western Culture,' the event description read. 'Books on sexuality and sexual education which serves to indoctrinate the life of degeneracy, such as Cosmo and Teen Vogue should be brought to the fire as well. We will also burn the Koran, publications such as Karl Marx, and more. We must create a future without degeneracy for our children.'"
To read Burris' entire article, click HERE.

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