Thursday, August 3, 2017

Business Executives for National Security

Those of you interested in the subject of gangstalking might want to check out a curious publication entitled "Private Partnerships, Public Safety:  How a More Networked Approach to Public Safety Can Improve Our Ability to Navigate a Complex Threat Environment" published in October 2016 by an organization called Business Executives for National Security (or BENS).  Here's a fun quote from p. 7: 

"These horizontally integrated and networked business processes use information technology to facilitate purposeful partnerships among a diverse array of stakeholders who collaborate to create value for discrete customer groups at the local level.  Through this approach, functional teams are empowered to effectuate clear organizational missions while being held accountable by attentive leaders who emphasize integration across teams.  Such horizontal networks do not completely replace vertical constructs within an organization; rather, they complement them by providing for more efficient value creation and servicing the requirements of senior-level decision-makers in a timelier manner.  In trying to describe an undetermined future, this paper offers one potential vision:  that of a more networked approach to public safety which embraces private sector best practices for horizontal integration."

The darkly absurd, Orwellian overtones of this opaque language will be made clearer to you upon examining the publication a little further.  To do so, simply click HERE.

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