Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jack Kirby, the Pioneer Space Probes, and Hostile Aliens

Here's an excerpt from a 6-20-16 Daily Grail post entitled "Comics Legend Jack Kirby Worried that Our Attempts to Contact Aliens Might Attract a 'Tiger'":

"In 1972 and 1973, NASA launched the Pioneer 10 and 11 space probes. Placed aboard each were gold-anodized aluminium plaques - now referred to as the 'Pioneer plaques' - which featured a pictorial message to any extraterrestrial species that might intercept the probes. The plaque imagery depicted a human male and female, as well as a series of lines emanating from a point, intended to act as a guide to our Sun's location in the cosmos (the lines represented the Earth's distance and position from pulsars, allowing aliens to triangulate our position). For even more detail, an illustration showing our position within our Solar System was also included.

"The idea for the plaques was championed by 1970s science celebrity and educator Carl Sagan, and it was he, along with SETI pioneer (no pun intended) Frank Drake, who designed the content of the pictogram.

"But not everyone was happy about this decision being made without public consultation. Comics legend Jack Kirby - who just six years previous had created the comic-book character of Galactus, an alien that devoured planets - denounced Sagan's move. Kirby's thoughts were outlined in a response to the Los Angeles Times, which in 1972 had approached a number of artists, including Kirby, asking for their own ideas on what should have been included on the plaque...."

To read the post in its entirety, click HERE.

As a special bonus, you'll find below a clip from Ken Viola's 1987 documentary, The Masters of Comic Book Art, in which Kirby briefly discusses the metaphysical and philosophical themes found in his work....

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